Friday, January 8, 2016


     When I saw a drip-pot project on Pinterest I knew I wanted to try it as a way to spruce up my clay pots. I then tried it on the plastic pots and it work just as well. I use acrylic/fabric paint. It is inexpensive, about a dollar for a 2 oz bottle. You can use any combination of colors you want. I found thinning it a little helps make for better coverage if you want the colors to smear and blend, or you can leave it chunky for a more textured look. A blow dryer can be used to help smear, blend, or add directional lines. (Be careful of where you do this activity; it will splash.)
     For my living room I always wanted a planter divider on the stairway shelf, but nothing too permanent. This quick fix seemed the perfect solution.  It also provides a place for me to grow some herbs. (Quick note: should you decide to bring in any soil from outside, make sure it wasn't composted--unless you want a kitchen full of fruit flys! I compost on my porch and in my herb pots. It was a sorry mistake to think I could just bring in the pots during the winter without infesting my house! Live and learn as they say!)
     For safety, I nailed a trim board along the back-edge of the stairway and butted the pots against this backboard. This project entailed the following supplies:

  • 4--8"X 6"X24" plastic planters
  • acrylic paint (dripped right from the bottle or apply with brushed)
  • pumice rock (layer the bottom of the pot for drainage
  • soil (sterilize) 
  • play sand (optional for the top lay to keep down bug infestations)

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