Here is an easy, quick, and inexpensive project to do with your kids that will add a little bling (and fun) to your child's room.
Supplies you will need:
Pencil for tracing
Paint/paint brushes (inexpensive fabric paint)
Glow in the dark paint (optional)
Crystal peel and stick stickers
Cardboard (cereal box)
Wire for antenna 
Butterfly template 

1) Cut out butterflies from cereal box.
2) Paint--two handed method optional. Inexpensive fabric/acrylic paint works well and dries relatively quickly. A great way for your young'n' to help!

3) Add glitter to wet paint and allow to dry. Depending on the thickness of paint about 30 minutes.

4) Glue a thin strip of cardboard to the back of the butterfly. Insert antenna between the back of the butterfly and the thin strip. Leave a small overhang at the head--this provides a means to hang the butterfly using a push pin. 

5) Use peel and stick crystals for added bling. Optional: Use glow in the dark paint, applied right out of the bottle, in patterns of your own design. You'll need several hours for this to dry depending on the thickness of the paint.



Here is a great project for your club or church/synagogue! And very simple to do. There are endless variations for assembling this project, but I'll give you the simple steps I used to make this sign.
Materials needed:
Letters--printed or stenciled
Boards --various sizes
Pattern paper
Paint brush
Modge Podge

1)  Have in mind some of the letters you will be using so you know what sizes to cut your boards and how to arrange them . Photoshop, Word, stencils or sharpies would all work to make the letters. I used a combination of Photoshop and Word to make an assortment of letters and sizes and printed them off on my printer.

2) Cut pine boards. I used 1 X 3s and cut to various lengths--3 to 5 inches. Sand off the rough edges.

3) Once the boards are arranged glue them together; I use wood glue. Butt the letter boards against a longer board to level the bottom. A clamp is nice, but not necessary. You can use weighted objects to add pressure while the glue dries--about 45 minutes.

4) Craft stores have a wonderful selection of wall paper sheets. Choose any assortment and trim the edges with fancy design scissors.

5) Modge Podge the boards and lay down the wall paper sheets. Roll out any bubbles--careful not to tear the paper.  Modge Podge over the top.

6) Lay down any background trim. I used smiley faced ribbon. Modge Podge over the top.

7) Lay down the letters and carefully roll out the bubbles without tearing the letters. Modge Podge over the top of the letter. (Steps 5-7 are done all at once with wet Modge Podge.)

8) Dry at about 30 minutes and you can add a second coat of Modge Podge if you want.

9) Add additional decorations as desired--bows, ribbons, feathers, beads, buttons, etc.

10) And if you decid you would rather have someone else do this project for you--check out my Etsy site--BachsCrafts: Or contact me via my Facebook: If you want something special ordered I can do that too.

Happy Crafting!!!

P.S. Feel free to post any signs you make. I would love to see your ideas!

Making Polymer Clay Earrings

A great rainy day activity...

I thought it would be fun to make an instrucional video on how to make a simply pair of polymer clay earrings using common household items. All you should need to buy is the polymer (or baking) clay. Here are a list of items you will need for this project.

Polymer Clay--"Baking Clay:: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black
Findings: Earring hoops or clips, wire pins (or 20 guage wire)
Razor blades
Rolling pin
Paper towels
Aluminum foil
Vinyl Floor Finish
Color wheel
Deck of Cards

PART ONE: Supplies needed

PART TWO: Making a pair of polymer clay earrings

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