As a school teacher I was required to wear a lanyard. I was somewhat frustrated by the limited choices of lanyards and so started to create lanyards that were like jewelry or pendants that would hold up under the riggers of classroom activities. Adding a whimsical theme made them fun and personal. In this endeavor I believe I have found an unlimited potential for creativity. 

I would be pleased to make a lanyard to your specifications. Each lanyard is handmade, so it will be a little bit funky, but fun! I will make up a lanyard (or two) and post so you are not obligated to purchase anything unless you see it and like it. If time allows, I like to make a couple variations so you have some choices, and then you can recommend them to your friends!
Please note:
• design (logo, or simple clip art works best)
• shape (heart, circle, square, flower, animal, etc.)
• colors of braid (up to 4 colors though 2 work best)
• metal: silver, gold or copper
• length: Petitie 28-29", Small 30-31", Medium 32-33, Large 34-35, XL 36+ 
(double the length from back of neck to where you want the pendant to hang)
• spelling (if applicable)

Depending on the complexity of the lanyard the cost ranges from $14-$24. Again, I will communicate to you possible designs or cost before hand. You can message me through Etsy and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Thanks for looking!


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