Saturday, March 21, 2015


Welcome!  I wanted to create a site that would allow people to explore my craft in a more personal way, yet provide quick access to information for those interested in exploring the range and dependability of my products. I've provided slide shows to reflect the host of mediums I work with and some of my past design. A few of these designs are rather complicated--making them unique and hard to duplicate--but I would be happy to try and reproduce something similar for those interested in what they see in my shop, blog, or Facebook postings.

I have been a life long crafter. My mother, a child of the depression, was extremely thrifty in everything she cooked or created. She was amazing at making so little do so much. She could feed a family of five (plus whoever else showed up) on one chicken, and she would have leftovers! Her biscuits were a meal in themselves, and her salads seemed to possess some secret ingredient that made them so tasty. My cutest school dresses were made from scraps of leftover material. My prom dress was made from bargin material and cost her...and I'm not making this up....25 cents! While my peers were spending hundreds of dollars on wedding dress, she made mine for $30. My mother was welcoming, thrifty, creative, hardworking, all things I still aspire too, and in some way continue her story in the designs I create. For me, creating is more than just a hobby or business, it is an expression of life and nature itself.

I am always hesitant to call my craft "art." It seems to me an arrogant boosting since I have not really studied art, per se, but I feel I have devoted years to stratagems and tricks needed to perfect my craft. Some of those ideas I am willing to share on my "Crafting Projects" page, but as long as I am doing this I realize there is always more to learn. I'm proud to boast that I am a life-long learner and enjoy the thrill of taking on new challenges! Look around, leave a comment, or contact me is you have any questions, suggestions or requests.
     ~~~~~~Happy crafting!
My mom collecting crafting material for home decorations.